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What this is site all about


The Evaluation Resource Center has been designed for the teacher and lecturer who is not an expert in evaluating educational activities and who wants a readily accessible set of resources.

The Resource Centre is structured at a number of levels. Access to these levels is best done through the Site Map because the first level opens out into a set of specific sub-levels that go off in quite different directions.

The four upper levels are:

Within each of these levels this are a variety of materials & tools.

There are a number of support tools such as screen for self-checking skills and a general survival kit.

We have also included a bibliography and glossary. Neither are meant to be exhaustive and will be updated/modified through user feedback.


The Evaluation Resource Centre has been developed by

The Computing Education Research Group
Faculty of Information Technology
Monash University

under a grant from the Australian University Teaching Committee into
Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development
in Major Disciplines in Information and Communication Technology


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